Cure According To Homeopathy

Mere dissappearance of symptoms does not mean cure. According to homeopathy, your mind and body should function in harmony. This is a state of health. If there is any disturbance in this harmony-it is disease.

Only when a homeopath has proper perception about his patient, and about the sciences that is all clinical, para-clinical sciences and homeopathy can come to a correct conclusion about the treatment but that is not all. The doctor also has to decide about the potency of medicine, it's dose, repetition, and relationship with other remedies to be used at different states and only then can he bring the cure according to 'Herings law of cure'. The Hering's law of cure is one of the basic principle of homeopathy which states how the signs and symptoms should dissappear when a proper remedy is administered.

The homeopath has to keep a watch on whether his patient is progressing towards cure or his disease is being suppressed