It is a syndrome in which there is chronic obstruction to airflow. The Obstruction occurs because of narrowing of the air passages, clinically it shows cough, breathlessness, and wheezing but, It is a chronic disease with acute episodes. These attacks may last from a few minutes to a few hours. In unusual circumstances, acute episodes can cause death.


Asthma is a very common disease with immense social impact. The prevalence of asthma is rising in many parts of the world. It is increasing due to pollution and actual increase due to population is also a part of it. It occurs in all ages but predominantly in early life. About half of cases develop before age ten years. In childhood asthma, homeopathy can give much better results. Because there are a lot of things after which there may be the beginning of asthma-like dentition period, after vaccination, e.t.c., which are taken into consideration by homeopathy.

One third of rest of cases develops after age 40. In childhood ratio of male / female is 2 : 1 and after age 30, becomes same. For females in post menopausal age ( which generally starts around 40 yrs of age ) medicines are available in homoeopathy. Genetic factors & Viruses, occupational Exposures & Allergens contribute to initiation and continuance. Family History of personal or Family History of Allergic diseases such as Rhinitis, Urticaria & Eczema.

Family History of personal or Family History of Allergic diseases such as Rhinitis, Urticaria & Eczema. In homeopathy, preventive measures can be taken, so that it should not get transmitted in next-generation, according to the severity of family history, the results may vary. In other types when there is no history of allergy it is Idiosyncratic asthma. In homeopathy, for such cases, there are promising results.



Pharmacological Stimuli: Aspirin, coloring agents such as Tartrazine, NSAIDs (Ibuprofen), etc.

Sulfating Agents: Widely used in Pharmaceuticals for sanitizing and preservative agents. Etc.

Sulfating Agents: Salads, Fruits, Potatoes, Shellfish, few types of Wines. Etc.

Environment: Climatic conditions such as Rainy, winter seasons. Etc.

Pharmacological Stimuli: Aspirin, coloring agents such as Tartrazine, NSAIDs (Ibuprofen), etc. Heavy Industrial Zones, densely populated urban areas, Ozone, Nitrogen-dioxide Sulphur-dioxide. Etc.

Occupational Factors: A large number of chemicals used in industrial belts are high molecular weight compounds that induce asthma. Wood dust vegetable dust of coffee, beans, grains. Laundry detergents / various dyes. Low molecular weight compounds of metals (platinum, nickel, chrome) Plastics (Toluene) Formaldehyde, Urea Formaldehyde. Animal, Insect dust, Secretions. (Lab Animals, Chicken, Crabs, Prawns, Oysters, Flies, Bees).

Infections: Mostly Viral infections E.g. Influenza, Parainfluenza, Rhino Virus Etc.

Exercise:Post over-exertional airway obstruction like tracking, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, (Cold Air).

Emotional Stress: It is not much verified but may vary from patient to patient.


Dyspnea (Difficulty in respiration) where respiration becomes prominent, Cough initially non-productive, later on, thick stringy mucus comes out. Sneezing (Audibly harsh sound). Tachypnea (Increase number of respiratory movements, normal respiration rate is 12- 16/ min. It may increase up to 40 & above.) Tachycardia (Increase in Pulse rate) Sometimes person may complain of an intermittent episode of non-productive cough or exertional dyspnea. Cough in the Night where the patient gets up is an indication of poor control of asthma. Usually, the acute episode starts with sneezing, watery nasal discharge, followed by a cough.

Investigations commonly suggested are spirometry which often shows airflow obstructions.

Other lab tests, the Blood test is usually not helpful specific, IgE measurements for inhaled allergens or allergy skin testing may assist in determining allergic triggers. The eosinophilic count can be helpful. X-ray of Chest is usually normal but can be helpful to some extent.


Now in densely populated urban areas, everybody is exposed to the same environment & same climate but only a few people suffer from asthma. It is not only the problem of narrowed air passages or the production of excess mucus. But it is the problem of the increased response of the body towards allergens.

This excess of response can be bringing back to normal level by homeopathic medicine.


The most important thing in homeopathy, which we consider is the beginning of asthma. Because there are some things that activate asthma in the person who is living normal life till the beginning of asthma. Very few cases start suddenly, where finding out the cause is very difficult. But still in such cases prognosis is good. In many cases, there is some history of previous disease, e.g. skin eruptions treated by some ointments by local applications, jaundice, typhoid fever, malaria, during teething( in childhood), vaccinations, after epilepsy, at puberty, after menopause, emotional stress like financial loss, or loss of somebody, with whom there was a deep emotional relationship, different climatic conditions such as seashore (humid), dry & cold, warm climate e.t.c. where medicines vary for every condition. All major & minor causes are taken into consideration, which yields better output. Furthermore, family history is equally important, where the history guides about the initiation of asthma & depth of asthma.

In cases where a history of asthma is in the family, some measures can be taken early to prevent it from getting transmitted in the next generation. For the treatment, we consider the constitution of the patient.

This constitution can be derived from many major & minor details of the patient. E.g. Age, Sex, Past History, Family History, Personal History, etc. According to all the above details, the most suitable medicine is prescribed for it, which gives successful results, by bringing the responses to the normal level, where everything will be in harmony which is called Health.


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