Awareness About Homeopathy

The increasing popularity of homoeopathy, however, does not necessarily mean that there is a growing awareness about homoeopathy and its principles. Rather, there are many misconceptions about homoeopathy in the people's minds. Merely taking `white sweet pills' does not mean you are undergoing homoeopathic treatment. The homoeopath has to consider `N' number of things before he selects a remedy for you.Once that medicine is administered, he has to confirm whether it is acting in the proper direction and whether the selected potency and dose suits your personality or not. However, some people claim to have understood homoeopathy thoroughly just by reading few books on the subject, without having any knowledge about psychology, psychiatry, human anatomy, physiology, pathology, medicine, surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, E.N.T., ophthalmology. How can one think of having proper judgments about the patient's constitution just by reading a few books? Medicine prescribed on wrong basis will show adverse effects. Your running nose may disappear but you will get sinusitis after some time. Your throat pain may disappear but breathlessness may come up.

One cannot predict as to how and what adverse effects a remedy based on wrong indications will cause. It simply carries the superficial disease to dipper layers. This is nothing but suppression, and it can happen with homoeopathy when the medicine is prescribed on wrong principles. If used properly, in the proper place by proper person, it will show miraculous results, but in wrong hands it will just ruin health. People say that homoeopathy does not have side effects. Yes!, but it has direct effect on your body, which may be good, or bad depending on who prescribes the medicine & how?

So isn't it always better to go to a qualified, registered homoeopathic practitioner rather than to a non-medico person who practices homoeopathy as a hobby? Insist on one single medicine at a time because that is one of the basic principles of homoeopathy.

Also keep your self away from all the products by different homoeopharmacies for piles, tonsils, dentition problems, gastric complaints, warts or pimples. Don't run behind these advertisements because these medicines are nothing but mixtures of five to fifteen medicines which may relieve one problem but lead to another.

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Some Photos Of Homeopathy

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