Successful Homeopathic management of acute pancreatitis


Excruciating pain in epigastric region Radiating to Back –Not respon- ding to analgesics

Breathlessness < Least exertion

Difficult movements due to pain / Fatigue ?

Frequent, loose, mucoid, dark blackish, offensive ++ Stools urine Output

Weight Loss - 12 kg over 4 mths.

Tachycardia / Hypotension

Tachycardia / Hypotension

Huge Ascites with PD leak

Lt. Pleural Effusion

Grossly Altered Physical Generals.

Poor General Condition

Abd. Girth (Standing) – 76 cm.

Bad Prognostic Criteria



Hepatic Parenchymal Disease

G.I. Bleed

Grading as per Severity Index

Grade IV

( 2 or more peri pancreatic fluid collections )

Ascites Lt Pleural Effusion

S. Amylase 2240 IU / L

References Modern Medicine

Harrison’s – Principles of Medicine

Pathological Basis of Disease – Boyd

Diagnosis & Management of Acute Pancreatitis -

Lightening pain – Lt mid axillary line

Spasmodic pain - epigastrium < Evening , temporary > eating after

Breathlessness < exertion

Sticky Salivation


Much > in Gen. for 1 day, again < Sense of Well being established…

U. Output , App ,

B’lessness & Fatigue 



Pedal Oedema

Much well in General, Pain Subsided

Stools improved

Improvement in Phy. Gen. maintained

Abd Girth (Standing)

69cm Wt.-?? 41kg

Much well – mild pain in epigastrium< 3am, 4pm

Abd. Girth  - 66.5 cm

USG Abd. – Moderate Ascites


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