Psychosomatic Diseases

Homeopathy is a science helping people to remain healthy in today's stressful life. Most of the clinicians, irrespective of the system of medicine they practice, conclude that stress, tension, worry and anxiety have a major role in causing diseases. That being inevitable what is needed most is a sound constitution to cope up with it.

The common understanding about psychosomatic disorders is

acute stress > Sympathetic Discharge > Temporary Pituitary Hyperactivity > If Stress Persists > Chronic Pituitary Dysfunction (CPD)

But these visible changes are only 1/10th part of the iceberg. The beginning is far behind. In order to treat root cause of disease one must understand the depth of disease i.e. where exactly normal sound constitution started drifting from normal to abnormal.

Constitution of a person is his PHYSICAL & MENTAL build-up. Both, the physical constitution & psyche or mind of a person, work in harmony. There is an imbalance between these two due to stress. This is the beginning of disease. Now this process, or aetiopathogenesis, cannot be seen under microscope. It is a dynamic process. Same is the basic principle of Homeopathy.

During any stressful event what really suffers is the inner core, that is mind, and then the reflections are thrown on physical plane, called commonly as signs & symptoms. What needs to be treated is the inner core - the signs & symptoms which are mere expressions of the internal disease. Since this is a dynamic process, it needs treatment on the same plane.

Psyche of a person is how he reacts /behaves during normal situation and during stressful events. But this does not really help us in homoeopathic prescribing. What we need is a triangle of Some characters of his normal constitution The stressors he has gone through His altered constitution or diseased constitution. No disease evolves in a day or two. It passes through different steps, it evolves gradually. At each & every step there are different factors which precipitate the disease process (bacteria may be one of them). Then comes the full-blown clinical picture, which is a part of the complete disease process, in front of the clinician. This complete disease process, if considered while prescribing, brings about cure, which should be our aim.

A homoeopathic remedy prescribed according to the basic principles of Homeopathy, analyzing the mental constitution properly, has a capacity to reach to this internal core & bring about the cure. It acts as a curative, restorative & preventive medicine, PROVIDED it is prescribed on correct basis.

To analyze psyche of a person, following points may be useful

A Homoeopathic remedy, prescribed as per this data, treats the person as a whole (& not the local pathology) & relives the inner core from sufferings, thereby making the patient healthy. Since it restores the harmony between mind & body it also acts as a RESTORATIVE & PREVENTIVE medicine.

If we try to study lifestyle of the patient, it gives us a rough idea about his personality. His socioeconomic status and psychosexual status make us understand about his present status and also one can imagine about the stresses and strains the patient must have gone through, to what extent he has adjusted with these stressors and how he has overcome them. Considering the lifestyle during the patient's childhood and adulthood both are important .The common characters in both, reactions, instincts tell us about his basic nature or psyche and where exactly the basic personality started drifting from normal to abnormal. Of course this is an rough idea about your patient as a whole .His achievements tell us about his will and intellect.

Thoughts must get second preference in your analysis. It unfolds little inner core of patient's mind. It tells you about his sensitivity, about his attitude towards life and incidences. Whether his thoughts are optimistic or pessimistic, whether they are realistic or away from reality etc.

Family history of any psychiatric disorder will inform us about the genetic traits he has inherited and disorders he is predisposed to. This also gives us an rough idea about miasmatic cleavage.

Considering the interpersonal relationship will tell us about his social attitude and also about the emotional turmoil he has gone through due to some of the intimate relationships. And lastly comes his behavior, which is dependent on above-mentioned characters of his mindset. This is all about psyche and psychiatry. If enough information can not be collected from above mentioned points, one may proceed further.

Miasmatic cleavage.
Physical constitution
Physical gen. Symptoms
General modalities
Particulars -
longitudinal view
Cross sectional view
A homeopathic remedy thus prescribed on such a deep study has a potential to dig out every disease. It practically makes every old symptom reappear in much much lesser intensity and the symptoms disappear on their own (which is supposed to be a very good sign). It strengthens the basic constitution and also prevents

Recurrence of the disease
If cure is not possible (where irreversible changes have occurred).
It prevents the disease process from going into complications.

What do we achieve with a holistic approach, it is physical, social and psychological wealth of the patient rather than merely absence of symptoms or infirmity.

Homeopathy studies every minor change on the mental plane and its reflections on physical body. Its remedy has a capacity to penetrate deep in the patient's life. Homeopathy is a weapon if used by proper hands and based on the basic principles, it shows miraculous results and if not then it can be equally hazardous.

Finally, to end this presentation, I humbly request your help in this complex problem. Let us all, irrespective of the pathies that we are aligned to, work towards solving problem. I fill a combined therapy can be of immense help to these patients.

Your kind co-operation and your critical suggestions are going to be very much valuable to me in my future endeavors in this field.