Smile of relief for a patient tormanted with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non infectious non contagious Auto immune inflammatory disease of skin.

It is connective tissue disorder [mesoderm layer] mainly outermost layer of connective tissue dermatomes which gives rise to dermis is affected.
It is an auto-immune disorder, an abnormal immunological response due to the faulty signals in immune system in the form of inflammatory reaction characterize by erythamatous plaque with silvery scale.


3-5% of population is affected with psoriasis.

Child with one affected parent have 15% chances of developing this disease. It may raise to 50% if both the parents are affected.
A non psoriatic parents having one child with psoriasis, risk of subsequent child is 10%.

Aetiology & Pathology

(Cause and Disease Process)

Primary cause: ( Basic Factors )
Genetic defect: there may genetic predisposition
Biochemical Imbalance
Immunological defect
Dermal defect

Precipitating Factors:( Secondary Factors )

Only the presence of basic factors does not cause psoriasis unless the Secondary (precipitating) factors are active. The various causes mentioned above result in abnormal immunological response in affected person as inflammatory reaction

Four main types: Manifestation of psoriasis

STABLE PLAQUE PSORIASIS: Most common occurs on elbow knee and low back red dry scaling patches.
GUTTAE PSORIASIS: Common in children & adolescent .droplet like lesion may occur after strep infection in child this may be the first sign of psoriasis
PUSTULAR PSORIASIS: Sterile pustule on palm & soles with systemic affection .It may triggered by infection, sunburn certain medications like antimalarials
ERYTHRODERMIC PSORIASIS: Extensive redness and scaling with burning &itching, pain .skin may lose its defensive function and unable to protect skin against heat, bacteria entering in body causing infection. Shivering may occur due to sever heat loss.

It may initiated by irritant effect of tar or withdrawal effect of cortico- steroid, illness, emotional stress

Conventional Approach
Modern medicinal therapy consider psoriasis as local skin manifestation and concentrate on treating only local lesion with help of local ointments sometimes systemic cortico steroids.By this they only treat external manifestation of internal defective immune system which remains untreated hence only palliation or suppression is seen but no cure at all. All these measure have potentional side effect & contraindication for there use because of its irritant & allergic effect

Homoeopathic Approach
Psoriasis is abnormal immunological response due to defect in immune system. It is a reaction due to defective signals by immune apparatus, appearing as inflammatory reaction, manifested particularly in dermis (mesoderm), called as erythematous plaque with scaling. It may be covered under all miasmas but is predominately SYCO-TUBERCULAR. The destination of Homoeopath is to restore the balance of ill immune system with a perfectly selected constitutional Homoeopathic remedy When well selected homoeopathic remedy is prescribed on the basis of totality symptoms following modus operandi of cure is seen

Treat MAN IN DIEASE BUT NOT DISEASE IN MAN (with proper Constitutional Homoeopathic remedy). Once the basic cause is treated its effects or so called PSORIASIS automatically subsides.

Best treatment for Psoriasis For the patient tormented with psoriasis Homoeopathy offers safe gentle medication with sure hopes of cure and no allergic & irritant effects A qualified Homoeopath offers smile of relief and well being within, with improvement in quality of life.