Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Mr. N. N. S. Age - 72 yrs.

C/o - Sudden onset Inguinal Lymphadenopathy gradually progressing to cervical Lymph Nodes but absolutely painless and asymptomatic since 7 years - IGNORED

Presenting Complaints -

Severe Watery Loose Motions,

Absolute Anorexia,

Extreme fatigue

Advised admission by physician....

Hematology - Hb - 8.3 gm%, ESR - 69mm., Rest - Normal.

Urine - Proteins ++++, BUL - 48 mg/dl, S. Creatinine - 3.16 mg/dl., BSL(R) - 100 mg/dl

On Examination - Dehydration Grade - I, Generalized Lymphadenopathy.

USG Abdomen - Spleenomegaly (16.3 cm) with Abdominal Lymphadenopathy, Mild increase Renal echo. CT Scan Abdomen - Mild enlargement of Spleen with multiple matted retroperitoneal enlarged Lymph nodes.

Cervical L.N. Biopsy - Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Diffuse Large cell type.


Homoeopathic Treatment Started....

First presentation-02/08/2003

Sever sour bitter vomiting, Prostration ++++,

Sensitive to rich fatty oily food, condensed milk, Pruritus all over the body, Absolute anorexia, Depression+++, fear +++, Reduced Urination, Drowsy, Febrile.

O/e- Generalized Lymphadenopathy, bilateral ankle oedema PERFORMANCE SCORE-30

Clinical assessment - slow onset, presence of constitutional symptoms (anorexia, wt loss, fatigue, sweating, fever, pruritus), Anemia (8.3 gm%)

Symptoms suggestive of involvement of extra nodal sites - GIT, Renal, Skin

NHL-Grade IV (Ann-Arbor's staging system)

1st month of treatment.- 1

Relief from acute Symptoms, Depression, fatigue reduced, Appetite increased, Oedema reduced, Itching reduced,

All muscular pains reduced except Rt. neck pain.

2nd month onwards

Rate of wt. loss reduce to ½ kg./3 wks. over a period of 3 months & stabilized at 55 kg.

Appetite gradually kept on increasing,

Clinically anemia improved.

Current position -

Patient is Absolutely Asymptomatic, Gaining wt. slowly, No constitutional symptoms.

No fatigue, oedema,

Tolerance to condensed milk & oily food increased,

USG suggestive of no further metastasis.

Has had NO ACUTE INFECTION in past 7 months.

All the Lymph Nodes have reduced in size, most of them are not palpable & the consistency has become very soft.


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