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Homoeopathic Approach Towards Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis/arthrosis is a degenerative joint disease; affecting articulations especially weight bearing joints which are subjected to maximum” wear and tear”. Rather it is the end result of variety of patterns of joint failure. It is characterized by both degeneration of articular cartilage and simultaneous proliferation of new bones, cartilage and connective tissue.


AGE: - There is a steady rise in degenerative changes in joints from the age of 30. By age of 65, 85% of people have some radiographic evidence of OA although only 25% may have symptoms.

SEX: - More generalized and more severe on in older women.

GENETIC: - It is genetically linked. Obesity and body mass index are particularly associated with knee OA. Cold and damp climates are also associated with more symptoms.

AETIOLOGY AND PATHOGENESIS: - (Cause and Disease Process)

PRIMARY OA: - If cause is unknown.

SECONDRY OA: – When degenerative joint changes occur in response to a recognizable local/systemic factor.

Clinical Features

  1. Synovial fluid is viscous and has a low cell count.
  2. Symptoms are gradual in onset.
  3. Pain is at first intermittent and aching and is provoked by the use of the joint. And relieved by rest.
  4. As disease progresses movement of the joint becomes increasingly limited initially as a result of pain and muscular spasm but later because of capsular fibrosis, osteophyte formation and remodeling of bone.
  5. There may be repeated effusions into joints especially after minor twists/injuries.
  6. Crepitus may be felt/even heard.
  7. Associated muscle wasting is an important factor in the progress of the disease.


Blood count and ESR are characteristically normal.

  1. Synovial fluid is viscous and has a low cell count.
  2. Radiological specific features
    • Joint space narrowing seen due to cartilage destruction.
    • Joint space remodeling follows destruction of the cartilage. The joint alignment is altered with formation of new bone and cartilage in the non stressed area resulting in peripheral osteophytosis.
    • Cyst or geode formation may be seen along with subchondral sclerosis.
    • Detached osteophytes / ossification of cartilaginous debris form loose bodies.


Treatment is directed towards relieving symptoms, maintaining and improving joint function and minimizing handicap.

  1. For overweight weight reduction will benefit.
  2. Muscle exercises to increase muscle tone and aerobic fitness benefit pain reduction and function even in the orderly.
  3. Aids such as splints, walking sticks etc can help in reducing the condition in weight bearing joints and also in post-surgerical rehabilitation.
  4. Occupational therapy services.

Homoeopathic Approach In Treatement Of Osteoarthitis

A] Grading of disease / symptoms
  1. Acute
  2. Sub acute
  3. Chronic
  4. Acute exacerbation of chronic disease
  5. Proper use of anti miasmatic remedies
  6. Only under the guidance of qualified homoeopath
B] Grading of disease / symptoms
  1. Serous Membrane
  2. Ligaments
  3. Circulation—Artery or venous
  4. Nerves
  5. Bones and Articular surface

Male Infertility

Dr.Smitha Gupta

Dr Shailesh Deshpande

Consulting Homoeopath Pune ,Maharashtra.

PART 1 -What is the Base of Problem ?

To understand the base of problem we have to go through the physiology along with pathology of Spermatogenesis Hormonal Control of Spermatogenesis and Sperm Maturation

Other Factors

  • Role of Temperature
  • Role of Endorphins (Neuro - Hormones)
  • Like other peptide hormones FSH & LH too are known to act on their target cells by combining with specific cell surface receptors
  • A variety of lesions at various levels may result in defects in spermatogenesis and in sperm maturation.

It has already been seen, spermatogenesis is a process activated and controlled by different hormones, through a feed back mechanism. Ultimately every thing is dependant on the hypothalamic - pituitary - testicular axis. All these endocrine glands work in harmony with each other. If this harmony is lost,it is manifested at the end level, of spermatogenesis, or sperm maturation.

There are many patients in whom all the investigations are within normal range but still sperm count is low.Why this happens is not exactly known. Is this basically because we consider the range of hormonal levels as an absolute figure or range and not as what is normal for that individual and we do not consider the exact sensitivity of that particular individual. So may be the FSH and LH levels are within normal limits according to the laboratory standards but they do not suit that particular individual.

Role of Stress

The low sperm count could be due to stress factors the person is facing or has faced. Following could be one of the explanations.

Psychosomatic Diseases are frequently the ill effects of chronic stimulation of Endocrine glands & their End organs.

Another explanation could be of a stress disease vicious cycle. Stress causes disease and disease in turn again gives rise to stress.

So, to cause aspermia the lesion may not be in genital system but may be from any other system of the body. So is it that the patient who needs the treatment & not the genital system ? In short, have we been all along treating lab reports and not the patients ? If we are to label this as a psychosomatic disease - then you will agree that

Psycho somatic diseases are frequently the ill effects of chronic stimulation of endocrine glands and clinically reesenting as end - Organ Anomalies.

In short when the patient is diagnosed as a patient of azoospermia or aspermia it is onlythe tip of the iceberg which is being seen and the origin is much deeper.

Homoeopathic Approach Towards Psychosomatic Diseases

Dr.Smitha Gupta

Dr Shailesh Deshpande

Consulting Homoeopath Pune ,Maharashtra.

Homeopathy is a science helping people to remain healthy in today's stressful life. Most of the clinicians, irrespective of the system of medicine they practice, conclude that stress, tension, worry and anxiety have a major role in causing diseases. That being inevitable what is needed most is a sound constitution to cope up with it.

The common understanding about psychosomatic disorders is

acute stress > Sympathetic Discharge > Temporary Pituitary Hyperactivity > If Stress Persists > Chronic Pituitary Dysfunction (CPD)

But these visible changes are only 1/10th part of the iceberg. The beginning is far behind. In order to treat root cause of disease one must understand the depth of disease i.e. where exactly normal sound constitution started drifting from normal to abnormal.

Constitution of a person is his PHYSICAL & MENTAL build-up. Both, the physical constitution & psyche or mind of a person, work in harmony. There is an imbalance between these two due to stress. This is the beginning of disease. Now this process, or aetiopathogenesis, cannot be seen under microscope. It is a dynamic process. Same is the basic principle of Homeopathy.

During any stressful event what really suffers is the inner core, that is mind, and then the reflections are thrown on physical plane, called commonly as signs & symptoms. What needs to be treated is the inner core ¬ the signs & symptoms which are mere expressions of the internal disease. Since this is a dynamic process, it needs treatment on the same plane.

Psyche of a person is how he reacts /behaves during normal situation and during stressful events. But this does not really help us in homoeopathic prescribing. What we need is a triangle of

  1. Some characters of his normal constitution
  2. The stressors he has gone through
  3. His altered constitution or diseased constitution.

No disease evolves in a day or two. It passes through different steps, it evolves gradually. At each & every step there are different factors which precipitate the disease process (bacteria may be one of them). Then comes the full-blown clinical picture, which is a part of the complete disease process, in front of the clinician. This complete disease process, if considered while prescribing, brings about cure, which should be our aim.

A homoeopathic remedy prescribed according to the basic principles of Homeopathy, analyzing the mental constitution properly, has a capacity to reach to this internal core & bring about the cure. It acts as a curative, restorative& preventive medicine, PROVIDED it is prescribed on correct basis.

To analyze psyche of a person, following points may be useful

A Homoeopathic remedy, prescribed as per this data, treats the person as a whole (& not the local pathology) & relives the inner core from sufferings,

thereby making the patient healthy. Since it restores the harmony between mind & body it also acts as a RESTORATIVE & PREVENTIVE medicine.

If we try to study lifestyle of the patient, it gives us a rough idea about his personality. His socioeconomic status and psychosexual status make us understand about his present status and also one can imagine about the stresses and strains the patient must have gone through, to what extent he has adjusted with these stressors and how he has overcome them. Considering the lifestyle during the patient's childhood and adulthood both are important .The common characters in both, reactions, instincts tell us about his basic nature or psyche and where exactly the basic personality started drifting from normal to abnormal. Of course this is an rough idea about your patient as a whole .His achievements tell us about his will and intellect.

Thoughts must get second preference in your analysis. It unfolds little inner core of patient's mind. It tells you about his sensitivity, about his attitude towards life and incidences. Whether his thoughts are optimistic or pessimistic, whether they are realistic or away from reality etc.

Family history of any psychiatric disorder will inform us about the genetic traits he has inherited and disorders he is predisposed to. This also gives us an rough idea about miasmatic cleavage.

Considering the interpersonal relationship will tell us about his social attitude and also about the emotional turmoil he has gone through due to some of the intimate relationships. And lastly comes his behavior, which is dependent on above-mentioned characters of his mindset. This is all about psyche and psychiatry. If enough information can not be collected from above mentioned points, one may proceed further.

  • Miasmatic cleavage.
  • Physical constitution
  • Physical gen. Symptoms
  • General modalities
  • Particulars -
    1. longitudinal view
    2. Cross sectional view

A homeopathic remedy thus prescribed on such a deep study has a potential to dig out every disease. It practically makes every old symptom reappear in much much lesser intensity and the symptoms disappear on their own (which is supposed to be a very good sign). It strengthens the basic constitution and also prevents

  1. Recurrence of the disease
  2. If cure is not possible (where irreversible changes have occurred).

It prevents the disease process from going into complications.

What do we achieve with a holistic approach, it is physical, social and psychological wealth of the patient rather than merely absence of symptoms or infirmity.

Homeopathy studies every minor change on the mental plane and its reflections on physical body. Its remedy has a capacity to penetrate deep in the patient's life. Homeopathy is a weapon if used by proper hands and based on the basic principles, it shows miraculous results and if not then it can be equally hazardous.

Finally, to end this presentation, I humbly request your help in this complex problem. Let us all, irrespective of the pathies that we are aligned to, work towards solving problem. I fill a combined therapy can be of immense help to these patients.

Your kind co-operation and your critical suggestions are going to be very much valuable to me in my future endeavors in this field.

Homoeopathic approch towards psoriasis

Dr.Smitha Gupta

Dr. Yogesh Waghmare

Consulting Homoeopath Ahamadnagar, Maharashtra, India

Smile of relief for a patient tormanted with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non infectious non contagious Auto immune inflammatory disease of skin.

  • It is connective tissue disorder [mesoderm layer] mainly outermost layer of connective tissue dermatomes which gives rise to dermis is affected.
  • It is an auto-immune disorder, an abnormal immunological response due to the faulty signals in immune system in the form of inflammatory reaction characterize by erythamatous plaque with silvery scale.


3-5% of population is affected with psoriasis.
  • Child with one affected parent have 15% chances of developing this disease. It may raise to 50% if both the parents are affected.
  • A non psoriatic parents having one child with psoriasis, risk of subsequent child is 10%.

Aetiology & Pathology

(Cause and Disease Process)

Primary cause-: ( Basic Factors )
  • Genetic defect: there may genetic predisposition
  • Biochemical Imbalance
  • Immunological defect
  • Dermal defect
Precipitating Factors -:( Secondary Factors )


  • Infections
  • Sunlight
  • Drugs
  • Stress

Only the presence of basic factors does not cause psoriasis unless the Secondary (precipitating) factors are active. The various causes mentioned above result in abnormal immunological response in affected person as inflammatory reaction

Four main types - Manifestation of psoriasis

  1. STABLE PLAQUE PSORIASIS: Most common occurs on elbow knee and low back red dry scaling patches.
  2. GUTTAE PSORIASIS: Common in children &adolescent .droplet like lesion may occur after strep infection in child this may be the first sign of psoriasis
  3. PUSTULAR PSORIASIS: Sterile pustule on palm &soles with systemic affection .It may triggered by infection, sunburn certain medications like antimalarials
  4. ERYTHRODERMIC PSORIASIS: Extensive redness and scaling with burning &itching, pain .skin may lose its defensive function and unable to protect skin against heat, bacteria entering in body causing infection. Shivering may occur due to sever heat loss.

It may initiated by irritant effect of tar or withdrawal effect of cortico- steroid, illness, emotional stress

Conventional Approach

Modern medicinal therapy consider psoriasis as local skin manifestation and concentrate on treating only local lesion with help of local ointments sometimes systemic cortico steroids.By this they only treat external manifestation of internal defective immune system which remains untreated hence only palliation or suppression is seen but no cure at all. All these measure have potentional side effect & contraindication for there use because of its irritant &allergic effect

Homoeopathic Approach

Psoriasis is abnormal immunological response due to defect in immune system. It is a reaction due to defective signals by immune apparatus, appearing as inflammatory reaction, manifested particularly in dermis (mesoderm), called as erythematous plaque with scaling. It may be covered under all miasmas but is predominately SYCO-TUBERCULAR. The destination of Homoeopath is to restore the balance of ill immune system with a perfectly selected constitutional Homoeopathic remedy When well selected homoeopathic remedy is prescribed on the basis of totality symptoms following modus operandi of cure is seen

Treat MAN IN DIEASE BUT NOT DISEASE IN MAN (with proper Constitutional Homoeopathic remedy). Once the basic cause is treated its effects or so called PSORIASIS automatically subsides.

Best treatment for Psoriasis

For the patient tormented with psoriasis Homoeopathy offers safe gentle medication with sure hopes of cure and no allergic & irritant effects A qualified Homoeopath offers smile of relief and well being within, with improvement in quality of life.


Efficient Care of Challenging cases of Malignancy.

Dr.Smitha Gupta

Dr Shailesh Deshpande

Consulting Homoeopath Pune ,Maharashtra.

“Homoeopathy cares for the patient than Treat the disease.”

Cancer, a dreadful condition, leading cause of mortality worldwide. In 2004, it accounted for 7.4 million deaths, which was around 13% of all deaths that year. It is not surprising therefore, that there is a lot of uncertainty about when and whom it might affect, and consequently there is a lot of anxiety about cancer…and cancer care as well. What is the root cause of cancer? A million dollar question.

Years of medical research has concluded with some empirical evidence like,

  • Lung Cancer is strongly linked to smoking.
  • Oral cancer is commonly associated with chewing tobacco, as is rampantly prevalent in India.
  • The incidence of breast cancer is found to be higher among those women who remain unmarried or who have not given birth to children or who bears children late in life, resultantly who do not breast feed babies due to some or other cause. Even the conventional medical world is highly confused regarding cause of cancer.
  • For example: - Medical knowledge and care for women’s health has drastically reduced childbirth related hazards in the modern world thereby increasing no. of breast feeding mothers.
  • Similarly, discoveries in medical science combined with modern technology and health management has reduced the incidence of epidemics, infant mortality, injury related deaths thereby increasing no. of breast feeding mothers.
  • Yet, breast cancer has increased by 47% in the last 15 years.
  • It has also found answers to increase patient’s life longevity in cases of Hypertension, Diabetes and other such ailments.
  • On the other hand longevity has itself become a major factor for greater incidence of Cancer.
  • Estimates say about 12 million people will die of cancer in 2030.

Establish the Cause of disease and Preventive approach

Do we need to explore the routes of above mentioned facts rather than being only superficial?

Homoeopathy and SEARCH offer experience based concrete answer to it. For Example this patient had severe reaction to B.C.G. vaccination to the extent that scars developed on opposite side. He developed malignancy in later life and recovered well with Homoeopathic treatment on the strong footing of ill effects of vaccination to be the cause of malignancy.

  • Why the person started smoking? – To overcome Stress? To please Friends? Difference in both these and such classes of smokers is to be counted? Or not?
  • Does Emotional status of an unmarried women matter?
  • No breast feeding? – Why? Willingly or unwillingly? What is the reaction?
  • Longevity of life with what quality? Does it matter?

This should be the extent of Homoeopathic assessment, an altogether different view than the conventional one, but certainly related to the so called standardized statistical impressions drawn so far and hence is mandatory to be considered. Since Homoeopathy is an experience based science it will certainly have exclusively Experience based and result oriented approach to management of malignancies rather than only theoretical speculations and a series of useless investigations.

The undisputed fact is - Cancer begins from a change in one single cell due to loss of equilibrium. A series of changes takes place before actual loss of equilibrium. Homoeopathy aims at treatment of this series of changes to re-establish the equilibrium. Any biological reaction is governed by two phases - stimulatory phase and inhibitory phase. At the state of health both these phases work in harmony to each other that is exact equilibrium. Any cause that disturbs this equilibrium in its minutest extent is the real cause of malignancy which will vary from case to case.

This change may be triggered off by external agents or inherited genetic factors, provided person is vulnerable. This is also an accepted fact. That’s why every smoker will not suffer from malignancy or there are unmarried women living without malignancy. Hence Treatment of vulnerability to cancer is PREVENTION of disease. This is possible only if it is done well in time immediately after the action and reaction phenomena whether on physical or mental plane. Prevention of malignancy is possible only in the hands of an skilled Homoeopath because none other than skilled and fine Homoeopathic assessment with due consideration to tendencies and traits will be able to locate the vulnerability of the individual to suffer from malignancy. The earlier presentations before actual malignant process sets in are to be considered with an exact judgment about the cause and effect proportion. Only Homoeopathy offers potential to prevent malignancy as a gift to the mankind. Considering the statistics of malignancy mentioned above as a Homoeopath we need to prepare ourselves to face the forthcoming challenge, keep ourselves up to date with basics and advanced concepts of homoeopathic management of various malignancies at different stages.

The next stage that follows in the disease process is a chain reaction affecting millions of cells. The speed of chain reaction determines pace of the disease that varies from cancer to cancer that needs to be considered while treating cancer patient scientifically. Hence every investigation that determines rapidity of cancerous process is of immense importance. Out of these are all the blood markers of malignancy, CA 125, CEA, Alfa feto proteins which indicate presence of malignant process or cells in the body fluids. Malignancy is basically considered to be Syphilitic in origin, characterized by disintegrative process in the body fluids and resulting in Cachexia.

If the disease process is not arrested well in time, the result is an obvious rise in number of cells involving one or multiple organs or systems depending on person’s grade of vulnerability. All diagnostic criteria are absolutely mandatory to establish nature of cancer and to assess improvement. There are several causes of why our body cells become cancer affected.

Apart from Genetic carryover, modern lifestyles, changing cultural norms, chemical and industrial pollution, stressful urban environments, are all responsible and have a lot to do with the growing incidence of cancer. Conventional medicine treats cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radio therapy irrespective of nature and intensity of cancer. Whatever be the reasons deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising due to limitations of conventional medicine.

Over 10 Billion Dollars is spent on Lung cancer every year. About 13 Billion Dollars were spent for Breast cancer treatment in 2006 worldwide still with increasing deaths due to cancer It is a fact that Homoeopathy can find answers that go beyond this due to its observation and experience based way of looking at the disease. SEARCH highlights on PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE, RESTORATIVE AND PALLIATIVE care of cancer patient and assures that the same task can be more successful in just meager amount in the hands of skilled Homoeopaths.

Curative management of Malignancy – Case No 1.

An operated case of ca cervix followed by radiotherapy without relief & reccurence ++++

Mrs. R.M., Female

  • Age group - 60 TO 70 yrs Aims –
  • Relief from existing symptoms.
  • To improve Quality of life.
  • Improve Functional capacity.
  • Avoid further spread of disease.
  • Reversal of pathology.
  • Maintain the healthy status.
  • Avoid recurrence
Mets Treat. Hist. Clinical status on 1st visit Clinical status at present Duration of treat. General improvement Investigations Period of significant symptomatic recovery
Nil Operative, radiation Sleep disturbed, Anorexia ,Fatigue ++++,Breathlessness ++++,Severe cough with greenish expectoration, leg pain,  edema legs & face  ++, initially hard stools, Slight breathlessness, no cough, edema nil, appetite improved,  Vital status maintained with mild fluctuations, no new complications, no recurrence 18/12/08  to till today Functional score 90, asymptomatic. Weight gain by 3 kgs  CT abdomen, USG abdomen, intravenous urography  10 days

Investigation Summery

DATE INVESTIGATION NAME Lesion along the  Lt. Ilio-psoas muscle (cms) Lesion along the  rt. Ilio-psoas muscle (cms) Rectal & sigmoid colon thickening
5/11/2008 CT ABDOMEN & PELVIS 5.2*3.2*1.9 2.5*1.2*1.3 Minimal

Homoeopathic Management of Case

Totality considered
  • Lean , thin, emaciated,
  • stoop shoulders,
  • prostrated,
  • Talkative,
  • Dark, waxy skin,
  • Early menopause,
  • early aging,
  • Emotional cause of disease
  • Regular bounding pulse,
  • Large moist flabby tongue
  • Old age onset disease,
  • Sudden presentation

Reasons for Natrum Mur as against Phos.

  • Hydraemic constitution,
  • Initially Slow progress of disease,
  • Pace of disease,
  • Initial slow disintegration at cellular level presenting later on as ailment
  • Suppression of Sycosis,
  • Presenting in tubercular miasm
  • Malignancy,
  • Suppression without any relief,
  • Immediate recurrence - Rapid progress,
  • anemia, bloated face, nervousness, constipation or diarrhea, debility, mental sluggishness, sleepiness and edema of the lower extremities. It also causes persistent dryness of mucous membranes, dirty, torpid skin;
  • Anemia; Chlorosis: ebullitions: Hemorrhage, thin. watery, noncoagulable: Venous
  • Plethora; varices. Contraction of tendons and muscles. Emaciation. Lack of vital heat. Dropsy; edema. Its excessive use dries up the secretions, inhibits assimilation, impoverishes the blood, weakens the nervous system and causes a tendency to idiopathic edema.
  • Muscles of back and extremities stretched, loss of breath from least exertion; intermitting tonic spasms.

Acute – Arsenicum alb

Chronic :-Natrum Mur

Anti miasmatic – Tuberculinum, merc sol

Investigation summery - Radiologically

Before treatment

hypodense lesion is seen along ilio-psoas muscle on lt.side involving pelvic vessels and ureter causing hydronephrosis, measuring 5.2*3.2*1.9 cms, similar lesion is seen on rt. Side adjecent to rt. Ilio-psoas measuring 2.5*1.2*1.9 cms

After 2 mnths of homoeopathic treatament significant regression in lesion

After 1 year of treatment complete regression of lesion

Complete regression of mass after only Homoeopathic Treatment -

Achievements -

complete regression of mass with homoeopathic management, immediate relief, no further complications / metastasis , stable vital status.

Palliative approach – case no .2:-

excruciating pain in a case of ca oesophagus metastasis to stomach, where no other treatment was possible and analgesics were not working.

A 72 yrs old patient diagnosed as Ca Esophagus lower 1/3rd in 2003 operated with recurrence since 1 yr, came with c/o severe agonizing pain in abdomen radiating to back intensity of pain ++++, where only palliative approach was possible considering general condition of patient. Unclear case due to over drugging, lowered vitality due to repeated suppression at various levels, alteration in all the physical generals etc. Excruciating pain in epigastric region radiating to Lt mid Axiliary line

After few doses of medicine

After 1day of Homoeopathic medication

The same comfortable state continued for 6 months and not a single episode of pain recurring, death approaching comfortably.

This article was an brief effort on the part of SEARCH ( Society for Enhancement And Research in Classical Homoeopathy) that deals with Clinical work and Research in HOMOEOPATHIC MANAGEMENT OF VARIOUS MALIGNANCIES, AT DIFFERENT STAGES, strictly adhering to the basic Homoeopathic principles. The article reviewed in brief -

  1. Homoeopathic approach to assessment of malignancies.
  2. Different available options in Homoeopathic management of malignancies.
  3. Details of Preventive approach with case discussion.
  4. Details of Curative approach with case discussion .
  5. Details of RESTORATIVE approach with case discussion.
  6. Homoeopathic approach to treatment of malignancies.
  7. Factors not otherwise considered as causes of malignancy but can be Homeopathically considered as causes of malignancy (supported by actual photograph case presentation.)
  8. What are the basic concepts of management of malignancy.
  9. How does Homoeopathic approach differs from the conventional approach
  10. How to co- relate the paramedical sciences with Homoeopathy, E.g. GENETIC BASIS OF CANCER, and ITS MIASMATIC CLEAVAGE.
  11. Importance of blood markers in Homoeopathic management of malignancies.
  12. Difference in the indications of other medical sciences E.g.- supportive role of surgery.
  13. Case summaries for each approach.( In tabular format)
  14. Relevant Photographs of improving and completely improved cases.
  15. Relevant reports of investigations (copy).
  16. Films of imaging investigations. (CT scan, MRI, X ray, U.S.G. etc.)


It is a syndrome in which there is chronic obstruction to air flow. Obstruction is because of narrowing of air passages, clinically it shows cough, breathlessness and wheezing. It is a chronic disease with acute episodes. These attacks may last from few minutes to few hours. In unusual circumstances acute episode can cause death.

Prevalence & Causative Factor

Asthma is a very common disease with immense social impact. Prevalence of asthma is rising in many parts of world. It is increasing due to pollution and actual increase due to population is also a part of it. It occurs in all ages but predominantly early life. About half of cases develop before age ten years.

In such childhood asthma homoeopathy can give much better results. Because there are lot of things after which there may be beginning of asthma like dentition period, after vaccination, e.t.c., which are taken in to consideration by homoeopathy.

One third of rest of cases develops after age 40. In childhood ratio of male / female is 2 : 1 and after age 30, becomes same. For females in post menopausal age ( which generally starts around 40 yrs of age ) medicines are available in homoeopathy. Genetic factors & Viruses, occupational Exposures & Allergens contribute to initiation and continuance. Family History of personal or Family History of Allergic diseases such as Rhinitis, Urticaria & Eczema.

In homoeopathy preventive measures can be taken , so that it should not get transmitted in next generation, according to the severity of family history, results may vary. In other type when there is no history of allergy it is an Idiosyncratic asthma. In homoeopathy ,for such cases , there are promising results.

Factors that initiate asthama (allergic)

  • Pharmacological Stimuli: Aspirin, coloring agents as Tartrazine, NSAID’s (Ibuprofen) etc.
  • Sulfating Agents: Widely used in Pharmaceuticals for sanitizing and preservative agents. Etc.
  • Sulfating Agents: Salads, Fruits, Potatoes, Shell fish, few type of Wines. Etc.
  • Environment: Climatic conditions such as Rainy, winter seasons. Etc.
  • Pharmacological Stimuli:Aspirin, coloring agents as Tartrazine, NSAID’s (Ibuprofen) etc.
  • Heavy Industrial Zones, densely populated urban areas, Ozone, Nitrogen-dioxide Sulphur-dioxide. Etc.
  • Occupational Factors – Large number of chemicals used in industrial belts which are high molecular weight compounds which induces asthma. Wood dust vegetable dust of coffee, beans, grains. Laundry detergents / various dyes. Low molecular weight compounds of metals (platinum, nickel, chrome) Plastics (Toluene) Formaldehyde, Urea Formaldehyde. Animal, Insect dust, Secretions. (Lab Animals, Chicken, Crabs, Prawns, Oysters, Flies, Bees).
  • Infections – Mostly Viral infections E.g. Influenza, Para influenza, Rhino Virus Etc.
  • Exercise –Post over exertional airway obstruction like tracking, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, (Cold Air).
  • Emotional Stress – It is not much verified but may vary from patient to patient.

Clinical Features

  • Dyspnea (Difficulty in respiration) where respiration becomes prominent
  • Cough ini tially non productive, later on thick stringy mucus comes out.
  • heezing (Audibly harsh sound)
  • Tachypnea (Increase number of respiratory movements, normal respiration rate is 12- 16/ min. it may increase up to 40 & above.) Tachycardia (Increase in Pulse rate) Some times may complain of intermittent episode of non productive cough or exertional dyspnea. Cough in the Night where patient gets up is indication of poor control of asthma. Usually acute episode starts with sneezing, watery nasal discharge, followed by cough.
  • Investigations commonly suggested is spirometry which often shows air flow obstructions.
  • Other lab tests Blood test is usually not helpful specific IgE measurements for inhaled allergens or allergy skin testing may assists in determining allergic triggers. Eosinophilic count can be helpful.
  • X-ray Chest is usually normal but can be helpful to some extent.

Why & how Homeopathy Works on asthma?

Now in densely populated urban area every body is expose to the same environment & same climate but only few people suffers from asthma.

It is not only the problem of narrowed air passages or production of excess mucus. But it is the problem of increased response of the body towards allergens.

This excess of response can be bringing back to normal level by homeopathic medicine.

Is it possible to prevent asthma getting transmitted in next generation?

The most important thing in homoeopathy, which we consider is the beginning of asthma. Because, there are some things which activates asthma in the person who is living normal life till beginning of asthma. Very few cases it starts suddenly, where to find out the cause is very difficult. But still in such cases prognosis is good. In many cases there is some history of previous disease, e.g. skin eruptions treated by some ointments by local applications, jaundice , typhoid fever, malaria , during teething( in childhood) , vaccinations, after epilepsy ,at puberty, after menopause, emotional stress like financial loss, or loss of some body, with whom there was deep emotional relationship, different climatic conditions such as seashore (humid), dry & cold, warm climate e.t.c. where medicines vary for every conditions. All major & minor causes taken into considerations, which yield better output. Furthermore family history is equally important, where the history guides about the initiation of asthma & depth of asthma.

In cases where history of asthma is in family , some measures can be taken early to prevent it from getting transmitting in the next generation.

For the treatment, we consider the constitution of the patient.

This constitution can be derived by many major & minor details of the patient. For e.g. Age, Sex, Past History, Family History, Personal History, etc.

According to all above details the most suitable medicine is prescribed for it, which gives successful results, by bringing the responses to normal level, where every thing will be in harmony which is called as HEALTH.

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