Dr. Shailesh Deshpande

Dr.Smitha Gupta

Dr. Shailesh Deshpande

Plot no.265, sector 21,P.C.N.T.D.A.,Yamuna nagar, Nigdi, Pune – 411044 Maharashtra India.

Email: sdesh14@gmail.com
Website: www.aimcure.com
Date of birth: 14 June 1969

Educational background

M D – Homoeopathy – University of Pune, January 2006, Specialization in 'Restorative and palliative role of homoeopathic treatment in various types of malignancies'B.H.M.S – G.D.C., Pune – University of Pune, June 1996


  • Homoeopathic Management of critical cases of ovarian malignancy – Australian homoeopathic association, international conference, Nov. 2010, Melbourne, Australia
  • Critical Case of Ca Lung,- Successful Homoeopathic management 4th virtual Homoeopathic congress IERLAND.
  • Homoeopathic management of critical cases of malignancy VIRTUAL HOMOEOPATHIC CONGRESS SPAIN-- 2008
  • Success rate of Homoeopathic management in cancer International homoeopathic seminar on cancer management Mumbai, India ---2008
  • Acute Pancreatitis – A rejected fatal case – Successful homoeopathic management, a live presentation, Jan 2006
  • Energy storage at molecular level explained in molecular physics and used in preparation of homoeopathic medicines – A co-relation, January 2006
  • Action of homoeopathic medicines - Explanation as per molecular physics, January 2006
  • Action of homoeopathic medicines - A pharmacological explanation, January 2006
  • Restorative and palliative role of homoeopathic treatment in various types of malignancies, University of Pune, January 2006
  • Challenge to LANCET – How to conduct homoeopathic research project, November 2005
  • Successful management of a case of hepatic and lung metastasis with unknown primary focus, an 18 months study with reference to quality of life and Karnofsky's functional score with absolutely symptom free patient, September 2005
  • Malignancy – Homoeopathic approach for prevention, University of Pune, July 2005
  • Successful homoeopathic management of a critical case of chronic myeloid leukemia A seven year profile including crisis management, Oncology Society of India, May 2005
  • Post operative (Whipple's procedure) homoeopathic management of Ca – head of pancreas Complete recovery, an exceptional example and success of integrated team work, May 2005 Successful homoeopathic management of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, March 2005
  • Efficiency of homoeopathy in various epidemics – A historical explanation, January 2005
  • Homoeopathic management of critical cases of malignancy – University of Pune, July 2004
  • Homoeopathic approach towards idiopathic azoospermias – subject dealing with treatment of male infertility with unknown cause – SPARK, 1997
  • Management of Psychosomatic disorders – Subject dealing with Psychiatry as an intricate part of homoeopathy - presented at the following venues 3rd International seminar on diseases of mind – Pune, 1997
  • Intersystem seminar on diseases of unknown cause – Pune, 1997
  • IMA - Pune, 1998
  • PCDA – Pune, 1998
  • IMA, Satara, 1999

Research projects:

From 1990 - Till date

  • Malignancy – Homoeopathic approach for prevention Homoeopathic management of critical cases of malignancy
  • Oncology – Various options in homoeopathic treatment Idiopathic disorders in spermatogenesis
  • Ankylosing spondilitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Asthma

Professional attachments

  • Director – Society for Enhancement And Research in Classical Homoeopathy
  • Consulting Homoeopath – SEARCH Homoeopathic cancer care center, Pune & Pimpri branch
  • Professor of Pathology – A.K. Homoeopathic Medical College
  • Member - Board of Examiners, University of Pune
  • Member - Board of Examiners, Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy
  • Member – Panel of Inspectors, Central Council of Homoeopathy
  • Ex- asst. Professor – Pathology, LMF Homoeopathic Medical College
  • Ex- asst. Professor – Medicine Therapeutics, LMF Homoeopathic Medical College, pune
  • Ex-Honorary Homoeopathic Consultant – YC Memorial Hospital P.C. Municipal Corporation Pune

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