Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Mr. S. K. , Age -37yrs
Diagnosis -

From June 2000 Huge spleenomegaly ( spleen extending up to Right iliac fossa, Weight - 3400 gm) 22nd June 2000 - Undergone spleenectomy Histopathology - SPLEEN Suggestive of CML with multiple Splenic Abscesses. 21-7-2000 - TLC - 95000/cmm, Hb-8.5 gm%

BONE MARROW BIOPSY - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Patient opted for HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT due to FINANCIAL INABILITY for chemotherapy.

Homoeopathic Treatment Started...

1st Presentation - 21/9/2000

Pale, fatigued, inactive, Significant weight loss, severe prostration

Bleeding gums & tongue, every movement greatly difficult, Aches & Pains all over,

Absolute loss of appetite, Sleeplessness, Over whelming depression.

O/e- Pallor+++, Hepatomegaly ++, Distension abdomen, No hypertrophy of gums,

Pulse 88/ min - thready, No Lymph node palpable, Wt - 49.5 Kg., TLC-1,44,000 /cmm, Hb - 8 gm% KARNOFSKY SCORE-30

Follow up...

5/10/2000 Hepatomegaly reduced , Appetite increased, Constitutional aches reduced

22/10/2000 Sleep improved, Chest pain reduced, Wt gain (50 kg)

26/11/2000 TLC - 1,40,000 /cmm , Chest pain reduced, Feeling of well being established KARNOFSKY SCORE-50

31/12/2000 Developed petechial haemorrhages, Wt gain (51 kg)

25/2/2001 C/o reduced, TLC 72,000 /cmm, Wt - 51.5 kg, Hb - 14.6 gm%

10/6/2001 TLC - 89,000 / cmm, Wt - 53 kg, Bleeding from tongue continued… KARNOFSKY SCORE-80

8/7/2001 Petechial Haemorrhages - Otherwise Asymptomatic

23/12/2001 TLC - 84200 / cmm, Congested conjunctiva

31/3/2002 (18months) TLC - 52,000 / cmm , Hb - 16.3 gm% Occasional Knee Pain KARNOFSKY SCORE-90

2/6/2002 Developed haematoma on Left thigh, Itching - Back, Bleeding spots off & on reduced, Hb - 14 gm%

8/9/2002 Prostration increased, Appetite reduced, Wt 50 kg, TLC 99,000 / cmm,

12/12/2002 TLC 67100 / cmm, Asymptomatic, Wt - 50.5 kg

16/3/2003 Pain knee joints, No petechial haemorrhages, TLC - 81800/cmm KARNOFSKY SCORE-90

8/6/2003 TLC - 89200 / cmm, Hb - 14.9 gm % Absolutely Asymptomatic Working as a farmer in normal capacity

Karnofsky Score was maintained to optimum in spite of fluctuating WBC counts

What happened then...5 Sept 2003

Met with an Accident, Fall from tree

Had 4 inches tear in inferior lobe of liver near gall bladder area.

Patient was in Shock


Undergone emergency laprotomy, Patient was rapidly sinking

Despite of blood transfusion & IV fluids patient was not improving….

Serous discharge was oozing rapidly

Serum Fibrin Levels reduced - Despite of fibrinogen supplement

Restarted Homoeopathic Treatment...

7/9/2003 Still sinking Hb 5 gm%, No response to anticoagulants, oozing

refusing to stop, Pulse103/min , RR 28 / min. Patient drowsy


8/9/2003 Still sinking, massive oozing, extremely low vitality, gradual onset hypothermia,

sinking feeble pulse, Disoriented, Moderate distension abdomen

Blood transfusions continued...

Relatives informed about the fate... KARNOFSKY SCORE-10

10/9/2003 Drowsiness reduced, Orientation improved, Passed stools al though Malena ( Bloody), Hb - 7 gm%

16/9/2003 Patient Gradually improving, Diet increased, Urine, Stools - Normal, B'lessness reduced, Respiration 18 /min, Pulse - 75/min,

Oozing completely Stopped KARNOFSKY SCORE-30

20/9/2003 Could walk few steps, Much better…

25/9/2003 Much better, Eating well, Slow movements allowed, Wound Healing Normal, Pulse, BP, Respiration - N.

15/10/2003 Wt 48 kg, Hb 8 gm%, Moving well KARNOFSKY SCORE-40-50

10/11/2003 (2 months) Patient visited Pune Clinic( Traveled 100 km), TLC - 1,53000 /cmm KARNOFSKY SCORE-90 & the treatment still continues…

Scar of Laprotomy

Our achievements

Treated presenting symptoms during both the episodes efficiently has had no acute infections through out treatment span.

Prevented recurrence of symptoms in terms of intensity and frequency, there by increasing coping mechanisms of the body.

Prevented complications and improved quality of life in every perspective. Increased life span by almost double in spite of all bad prognostic criteria whereas median survival time for CML patient is ~ 4 yrs ( Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, page no. 638) Quality of Life was maintained to optimum level through out treatment span.


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