Cancer treatment & prevention

Homoeopathy is a science that is serving sick mankind in today’s stressful life style & helping people maintain health. World wide acceptance of Homoeopathy is increasing due to well proved efficiency of Homoeopathic medicines in various epidemics, critical conditions, so called irreversible diseases, unconscious patients, children and acute diseases, with most rapid recovery without any harmful side effects. The very fact that many countries as well as World Health Organization have given enthusiastic response to Homoeopathy as an established system of medicine due to its soothing way of healing while enriching the quality of life.

Health means perfect functioning of all the systems of body & mind. Imbalance at this level causes illness. No chronic disease evolves in a day or two. It passes through different steps, evolves gradually. At every step there are various factors (physical & / or psychological), which precipitate the disease process. At this moment it is too early to diagnose the disease per say, because it has not presented in its complete, full blown clinical picture. But the body has already started fighting with the disease forces. This will reflect somewhere at the body level, in some form (though not as symptoms or signs of cancer per say). These minor changes can be noticed in fine Homoeopathic constitutional analysis. The CDDT- Cancer Detection Diagnostic Test (BIOTACC test) also helps in the early diagnosis (8-10 yrs before the actual lesion develops).

A dreadful condition like CANCER can be prevented at this early stage (8-10 yrs before the actual lesion sets) by a perfect Homoeopathic prescription well in time.

With increasing awareness and inclination of patients towards Homoeopathy, the Homoeopath’s job has become challenging in the modern, competitive world of invasive / non invasive techniques and investigations. Cancer always remains such a challenging field where the physician has to face great difficulties while making any decision.

Homoeopathy does not consider only disease but diseased individual. A homoeopathic remedy, prescribed as per principles treats the person as a whole along with the pathology & relieves the inner core from sufferings, thereby making the patient healthy. Since it restores the harmony at all levels and functions of the body it also acts as a RESTORATIVE & PREVENTIVE medicine.

Hence our approach towards treatment of malignancy is

Treatment of existing symptoms / signs
Treatment of general constitution
Arrest of further progress & complications
Recovery ( within limitations )
Maintenance of general condition
Increase coping and adaptability.

This is also supported by timely necessary investigations. Performance is assessed as per standard scoring systems & international norms. This makes our work standardized & scientific.

The Scientific Homoeopathic Treatment will act as a preventive, restorative & curative (if possible) medicine to give great relief & better life quality to patients, thereby achieving PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL & SOCIAL HEALTH OF THE PATIENT THAN MERELY ABSENCE OF SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OR INFIRMITY, (WHO Definition of Health) which explains essence of Homoeopathy & it’s role in malignancy.

Present status of Project- In SEARCH- Homoeopathic Cancer Care Center we have on record about 300 cancer patients receiving Classical Homoeopathic Treatment. The diagnosis and assessment is done strictly as per international norms laid down by WHO. The results are definitely promising.

Treatment Strategy

Absolutely Classical & Scientific Homoeopathic treatment for all types of cancer's at any stage.
Treat the patients by simple means and without side-effects there by improving Quality of Life.
Avoid further spread of cancer and prevent complications.
Treat the psycho-social problems related with this condition.
Treat ill-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy(If patient wishes to continue these treatments).

Homoeopathic cancer care centre

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