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Who We Are

SEARCH consists of fifteen Eminent Homoeopathic Doctors with their ocean of experience. The basic aim of this body is to enhance research in Classical Homoeopathy. SEARCH has many innovative & thought provoking ideas and the quantum of works to be executed is monumental. All the members of SEARCH have a mission to have the ramification of this old and soothing science across the globe. The basic motto of a homoeopath is to get hint of the disease from glint of patient's eyes. SEARCH will inculcate the basic philosophy of Homeopathy from corner to corner. When a patient gets cured without side effects, only then medical science can reach the acme and this is only possible in hands of an Ideal Homoeopath. SEARCH is devoted to look in to the problems of patients with the faculties of observation, and the conclusion drawn helps this body for future research in classical homoeopathy. Ultimately axis of thought of SEARCH is very straight. SEARCH will go ahead with its fine feeling and synthesis of thought across the globe, & it is no doubt that it will be maintaining its vision and mission.

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    03:30 P.M. - 08:30 P.M.